It is I, the great Zelos Wilder! I'm here to set out some rules for joining my fanlisting. C'mon, you know you wanna follow 'em. ^_~

  1. You must like/love/worship Zelos Wilder (me!) from Tales of Symphonia, in case that wasn't a given.
  2. Your name is one of the required fields. It doesn't have to be a real name, just something intellgible, and sensible. Examples of bad names are things like Zelos Fan, aaaaa, and FairyPrincessSakura0987654321. Shenanigans like that will land you with the name "Anonymous". ;P
  3. Your email address is one of the required fields. It has to be a real, working address, or you won't be added (and that would be a crying shame, would it not? ;_;) It will be protected against spam, and will only be used so I can send you fun pictures of me on vacation last year. ;D *SMACK!* OUCH! Okay, okay... The REAL reason we have it is to notify you if the website has moved, etc. You can choose whether or not you want it displayed on the list.
  4. You don't need a website to join, but if you do and you want a link back to yours on the list, fill out your full URL on the Join form. Be sure to link back here, or you won't be linked back. ^_^ You also won't be linked back if your site contains hate, racism, porn, etc. I would never condone such things! Well, except maybe porn... ^^; *SMACK!* OWIE! I was only kidding! X3
  5. Your country is one of the required fields. This is just to see how widespread the love for me is on this world. C'mon, you all love me, you know you do!

Got all that? Okay, time to join!